Friday, August 20, 2010

FULL Bar, Fail Bar, Freshman Fifteen Bar

An experiment with the FULL Bar. Illustrated!!

one weekend my friends and i decided to try the Full Bar for funs. if you haven't heard of it, it's available at cvs, rite aid, etc in the healthy/protein bar section.

The real instructions for how to use the Full Bar effectively:
1. eat the full bar
2. drink a cup of water
3. wait 30 min
4. only eat half your meal

to make this a real challenge... we decided to try this before we ate lunch at Bennie's (thai food that comes out really fast.. sometimes before you even finish saying your order! my food came out in 2 min!!!!!!)

so we got both the Full Bar (banana nut flavor) and some Full Bites (like cheetos) it was so dry and hard to eat and super filling. after drinking the water we were all SO FULL. the Fullbar products made us EXTREMELY THIRSTY. the bar was probably the equivalent of flavored styrofoam, while the full bites were pretty good:

we didn't think we would be able to eat lunch but once we got to Benny's this is what happened:

oM NOM NOM NOM. NOM NOM NOM. Drawn while watching Kick Ass (really good actually). that is probably why the food is flying everywhere. we had more manners than that.

so in conclusion, the Full Bar failed just expanded our stomaches and prepped us to eat more. maybe the professional food eaters can eat full bars instead of grapes or cabbage used to expand their stomachs before a contest. check out my scientific diagrams below:

Imagine a Full Bar eating contest. Just like Nathan's except with Full Bar.
It makes you super thirsty but if you dip them in water it grows like magic. what to do..what to do...

Then my friends decided to give a Fullbar review on youtube. I almost died laughing.

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