Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skylanders! Spyro's Adventure: The Beginning

This summer I got to be a part of the design team for the Skylander's commercial at PandaPanther. Watch the video, the hard work of so many artists. It was interesting to see how the commercial evolved.

Here is some process work.
got to work on some style frames. flying through space:

got to work on some character effects, an updated version of the games:

asteroid flying effects:

got to do some background work:

version 2 of 3 of space. might have gone too crazy with the colors.

also made some adjustments to some matte paintings. before and after:

ground destroyed after their battle:

screenshot from the final:

color changes when lightning strikes:

an island:

screen shot from the final:

product placement of ivy's apple juice. jk

screenshot from the final:

and got to work on some other minor things. It was a fun project and learned so much from it! enjoyed the variety of parts i got to work on.

Wow longest post ever.