Monday, October 29, 2012

Skylanders Giants 3Ds

Here is some work from the recently released Skylander's Nintendo 3DS game. Got to help out with some environment, prop designs, and other photoshops for the cinematics. Done at PandaPanther.

maelstrom styleframe 
pirate book illustration, still of Hugo flipping through the pirate book 

maelstrom illustration, still of Hugo flipping pages 
sword and chest illustration, still from cinematic.. why is it flipped.. 
some ship varieties for Frightbeard's Fleet

some sword options, still of final sword

mustard map and wanted poster, stills from the game

cake book cover, still of Flynn holding the cake book

Skylanders Giants

Earlier this year I worked on the cinematics for the recently released Skylanders Giants game. Got to work on some environment designs, backgrounds, colorkeys, props, and other photoshoppings. Done at Pandapanther. Got to work with many amazing artists and learned so much. It was busy busy busy. Here are some works below:

vortex in the throne room, where all the characters get swept away.
toy store

another section of the toy store with the kiosk and skylanders toy display
another view of the toy store, worked from some 3d screen grabs,  so many toys
a fun balloon face, still from the final
a still from the final inside the toy store
many things got cut. here is one of them: interior/back of the giant fist. the giant fist is usually shown from the front or side.
some color keys, before and after of tree rex
more colorkeys of the throne room aged 10,000 years, before and afters. 
did much digital gardening, side of an island
above is a still from the final, below is more digital gardening:  part of panoramic of the side of the island that the helicopter flies by.

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